Robinson Crusoe

Yazar : Daniel Defoe
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Robinson Crusoe

Yazar : Daniel Defoe
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  • ISBN : 9786057995582

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  • Widely acknowledged as the first English novel, Daniel Defoe's adventure story of a shipwrecked sailor became an instant classic upon its publication in 1719 and the yardstick for countless castaway narratives to follow. Robinson Crusoe is more than a great yarn, it is an allegory rife with moral and religious symbolism and significance, seen through the eyes of an ordinary man struggling to survive in extraordinary circumstances

    The book is a kind of epic of human endeavour ceaselessly striving after some fresh comfort or betterment. Opinions differ as to the sincerity of the religious psychology; there can be no doubt as to the truth of the touches which indicate the desire for companionship.


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    Barkod 9786057995582
    Sayfa Sayısı 327
    Baskı Sayısı 2. Baskı
    Cilt Tipi Karton Kapak
    Dil İngilizce
    Kağıt Cinsi 3.Hamur
    Boyut 13.50 x 21.00
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